Talk To Someone Who’s Done It: Data Outsource The Microsoft Power Platform 


You’ve heard plenty about Microsoft Power Platform, but have you ever wondered what it’s really like to use it to transform your business? 


Discover a smarter way to bring together the tools that your business needs as you connect your Microsoft Power Platform with other apps to quickly deliver new software solutions. 


It’s intelligent data insights and automated processes. The cloud capabilities and tools that enable you to connect, orchestrate, automate, and make your business more productive. 


The Eureka smart intranet is more than its parts. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, they enable your organization to be agile and innovate with shared business data, connected apps, and intelligent people—all while helping you minimize risk and automate critical processes. 


End-to-end cloud platform for building, expanding, and scaling your business.  


Let Microsoft help you connect the dots that matter most to your business: automation, analytics, and third-party integrations with all your apps in a unified workspace. 


Our business platform helps you enhance your communication, collaboration, and automation so you can focus on your goals. 


Do you have a project that your functional teams are working on without an end in sight?  


Are the user expectations high enough to require modernity, but project funding limited?  


Well, it’s time to make a change. 


There is a real and urgent need for a better way. Otherwise, the business suffers from lost opportunities, backlogs of incomplete work, poor morale of frustrated employees, higher costs due to errors, and loss of customer satisfaction as well. 


Understand how Data Outsource -The Microsoft Power Platform can drive your business forward. 


Modern IT platforms are more than their parts – they’re only valuable when connected into end-to-end solutions that solve significant business problems.  


“We are a Microsoft Partner that specializes in the creation of intranets. We built our own intranet product and then realized we could extend the capabilities of our intranet by building additional applications with Power Apps. ‘For example, we added an intranet events calendar, an onboarding app that simplifies new-hire paperwork for HR departments, and much more.” 


“We were able to build all these apps, and with the support from the Microsoft platform, we can offer our customers their choice from a number of databases—you can host it yourself or use Microsoft Azure SQL Database.” 


Power Platform is a comprehensive, end-to-end business automation solution that gives you the tools you need to save time and money. If you’re fed up with spending hours creating reports for your staff or partner base, only to find out that the information is wrong or out-of-date, Power Platform is the solution for you. 


What makes Power Apps different? 


• Power Apps is completely customizable; there are no restrictions on what you can do. If you need something a little more complex than what’s offered out of the box by other vendors. 


• Brings together data, processes, and people as you design, build, test, and deploy secure apps. 


• Build beautiful and powerful apps for any device that connects to your data no matter where it lives. 


• Automate manual business processes and integrate with your existing systems without writing code. 


• Visualize your data in rich and interactive reports, dashboards, and workbooks that can be shared across your organization. 


• Take core Microsoft apps such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Forms to the next level with Power Platform. 


• Integrate your data with Microsoft 365 services such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. 


The Microsoft Power Platform is an end-to-end business solution that helps you build custom and hybrid applications faster, more effectively and with greater scalability. It’s the complete one-stop shop that connects your people, data and devices—and puts you in control of how information flows. 


If you’re ready to move ahead with your business goals and really take your enterprise to the next level, then this platform is worth a look. Curious to see if it’s right for you? You can try it out with no obligation. Get started by visiting our website 

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